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Lower face rejuvenation - How do I address folds, volume loss and jowls in the lower third of my face?

Before dermal fillers

One of the most common concerns for patients is their lower face and the changes that occur with time in this region.  I will help discuss these changes and a way of treating them by using the case of a lovely patient of mine.

This patient was very concerned about the following:

Before dermal fillers

  1. Down turning of the smile

  2. Lines running under the sides of the lips (marionette lines)

  3. Broad chin

  4. Jowls

As mentioned on a previous article these changes occur primarily due to changes in size and movement downwards of fat pads that lie under the skin (superficial and deep fat pads). 

To address these changes we opted to use dermal fillers placed strategically.

Down turning of the smile - placing dermal fillers just under the side of the lips provided support give an element of lift

Lines/folds running under the sides of the lips (marionette lines) - volume replenishment here softens the transition at the fold

Broad chin - adding volume mindfully here can make the chin look less flat and broad and more dainty instead leading to a more oval shaped lower third of the face

Jowls - although jowls cannot be lifted significantly, placement of filler in the dip between the jowl and the chin indicated in the picture (called the pre-jowl sulcus) give the front part of the jaw line a more linear outlook, which is associated with a more youthful appearance.

after lower face dermal fillers

after lower face dermal fillers

4ml of various hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers were used to create these strategic changes.  Treatment in the mid-face would help further.

I hope this helps explain how dermal fillers can help a lower face rejuvenation but if you have any questions or want some more information please do not hesitate to ask - education is the best way! 

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